Things I like..

-willing pussy
-variation in positions
-being manhandled and bruised
-specially bite marks (everywherrreeeee)
-being smacked/caned (I complain at the time but I do love it)
-having filth whispered in my ear
-kisses (LOTS of kisses)
-cubes of cheese
-stir fry
-funny porn
-porn, oddly homosexual porn does more for me than normal porn..
-reading odd books
-new people
-people watching
-people to play with
-waking up being cuddled
-being the big spoon
-being washed
-washing people (in a non creepy, I enjoy the skin contact kind of way)
-WITH BUBBLES- lots of bubbles
-having someone talk shit to me while I sit in the bath
-being told what to do, in that tone
– that wiggly thing you do with your hips (you know what I mean)
-when you don’t ask, you just take
-when you remember it’s all yours; I’m all yours
– squishing your head between my thighs (when I remember to ;) hehe)

Running out of processing space in my brain, will add more laterrrr

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