Girl stuff

With my body being all special and weird and stuff and things at home a bit meh it was nice to feel wanted last night.

However everything was going well until I felt myself get ridiculously dry. Like dry to the point I was worried about being torn. I came, on that edge before it got too uncomfortable and then it got really dry (wtf body).

So joyfully I have been back to the pharmacy and got more internal girl moisturizer (yes apparently it’s a thing) so that’s my evening sorted, pop that in and lie down *sigh

Also grabbed a pregnancy test as have again, for some weird reason been producing what appears to be milk from my boobs. First one inconclusive, second says nope (thank god) so just adding that to the list of things to talk to my Dr about. Fun times

Anyway, have a post that makes no sense and is structured like shit

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