Blog life..

Is slow and steady I guess. .

It’s hard with husband being away so much and I’m trying to keep busy but half the time I end up bored or in a state of limbo/pause? Not that I can’t live without him it’s just I don’t want to. Distance is hard even though the weekend I just spent in Auckland was awesome but awesome because I was with him.. everyhing else everyone dislikes about auckland I get, but didn’t really see I was enrapt with the husband and enjoying us times..
We went onto a island and got scooters and drove around, ended up at the most beautiful Vinyard and had wine and snacks and it was so romantic and just perfect but then I had to get back on the plane and come home and it made me realize I need to be there, with him.
I’m almost like a light bulb shining at half brightness when he’s not here, I get moody and cranky and hate the world.
Thankfully he’s home tonight and I get to hold him and have him back

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