Cos I’m watching Minions and scrolling tumblr thinking of my husband..

We didn’t exactly come together in the most normal of ways, first time we fucked was at a gangbang of all places, (not to mentioned a failed poly relationship in the mix) and the filth escalated from there.. early morning sex, blowjobs in the car, in the kitchen, being fucked up the arse in the shower, in the park, on the balcony, over the kitchen table..

Late nights falling asleep together, long talks, glances, briefest touches and kisses, hands in my hair, on my face, ‘I love you’ said by me almost as a joke, various situations that resulted ultimately in my moving to a friends house, and he followed, asking me not to leave.

Moving to NZ, finding ourselves a house that has become our home, a life, the balance of us in a new country, new city and just all the newness.

Loving each other more, growing together, more adventures out fishing, doing car stuff, family stuff, long days in scruffy jeans and t-shirts, windburn and late night coffees and cheesecake, numerous blowjobs and all the positions imaginable, tying my breasts and bruising them, hickeys everywhere, being eaten out..

Gangbangs in the city, failed attempts at swinging, play partners, FWB’S, poly play friends, long term fuck buddies, bruises, caning, the flogger, the fuck machine, cuffs.. so much still to play with and explore

Not sure why am so thoughtful this evening, probably combination of 3 days of rapid trim shakes, light periodness and my roaccutane tablets plus hardly text him much today has probably added to the thinking times, plus husbands reluctance to visit a swingers club makes me wonder if we’ve reached a new point in our relationship, or just a lull while we adapt to being apart during the week.

But then again, I don’t want anyone touching me other than him, fantasize about it sure, but in more of a consensual non-consent/rape kind of way rather than play partner kind of way. I’ve even gone off women lately too, which is odd.

Fuck I miss him

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