Monday nights..

“Let’s play a game” 

Husband says, propping himself up on pillows.He made me sit on his cock, hands flat on his stomach, eyes closed and move while telling him about my evening with R.

My telling was broken, in bits and pieces as when I get overused, I tend to get tight and my husbands cock is not small in any way, deliciously uncomfortable but borderline coming again.
Inter-spaced by him talking to me, telling me he loves having me when I’ve been a dirty slut on someone else’s cock, reminding me I’m his wife. Add in while I was talking being slapped hard round the face several times and having both nipples pinched in strong fingers, I turned into a very very wet mess very quickly.
It got too much for my nipple (still not a week since it was pierced) after a while, combined with the very hard cock inside me and the ache across my cheeks, I asked him to stop and pulled away crying and holding my breasts. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him, holding me tightly and calming my breathing.
We talked about how that made me feel and I know I answered truthfully but I can’t remember exactly what I said, I remember feeling calm and beautiful
Once I’d calmed I was then instructed to fuck him then clean it off with my tongue, which I did till we both came together, before being allowed to get a flannel (he agreed it was a lot of mess)
Don’t think I’ve slept so well in a long time.. I am one lucky woman 

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