So I came back from seeing a mutual friend for some space and gossiping on Sunday with milkshake and apple pie to be pushed up against a wall, kissed and groped

Next thing, I’m over the back of the sofa being eaten out, oddest angle though felt amazing even though I did feel horrifically exposed

So I started cleaning, stuff was dusty! To find while cleaning our room that someone was intent on rubbing their fingers on me, causing a little bit of a wet patch.
While bending to clean dust, husband kindly lubed up my tail and popped that in before proceeding to spank me, leaving large red hand prints on my ass

One thing led to another and I found myself over his knee of all things, being spanked, and then used for impact hits- totally different, deeper feeling.. Could feel everything and then some especially with the plug in.. Incredible

After, I knelt between his knees and he trapped my arms under his thighs before brushing the hair off my face and positioning my neck and head.. I honestly thought he was just doing a touchy feely thing before a blowjob but turns out not.
Being slapped, hard across both sides of my face apparently gets me soaking wet. Throbbing, wet, hot.

I’m possibly still somewhere between shock and a happy place; I have never felt so loved and reading his post about it makes me feel incredibly *useful? (Not the right word at all) I hope he bruises me next time, if I’m  allowed a next time..
Still a bit edgy and pent up today- too much stimulation yesterday think my pussy went into shock. I feel sorry for R later as he’s going to be asked to fuck me hard, in a leave bruises kind of hard..

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