Date with T today…

And we went for a bike ride down through the city and the bays.. It was nice but oddly I got one cold foot (of all things) 
We decided not to stop in the city for coffee and headed back to his for coffee instead.. 
One cup of coffee down, lead to some much anticipated kissing and groping on the sofa, felt so good to have him kiss my neck and bite by breasts by the time we made it to his bedroom I was incredibly wet.
We undressed each other so fast! Nothing like anticipation of something to intensify all feeling..
Then I was pushed onto the bed and we kissed some more, hands in my hair and on my boobs, then he kissed his way down to my pussy and did something *something* no-one has ever done before, with hands pushing places and tongue doing things and then without warning I came. Hard. Really fucking hard. Clamping and gushing and wet gooey feeling awesomeness. 
(Which is impressive as 1. It normally takes longer for me to come and 2. Wow, actually wow)
The sex wasn’t bad, could have been better but for a first time with a new person was pretty good, but between us, it was a hot hard, not lasting long at all-fuck. 
After he returned me home (and since photographer M just didn’t come through), a cleanly showered and feeling kind of cute me & husband went into the city to meet a possible new kinky friend- (he’s written about it on his blog so while I’ll write something in a bit if you’re curious its there: Seeing T again Tuesday- he’s picking me up from work, cooking dinner and then movie time at his house before returning me home, should be a good evening 

I’ve been a very spoiled girl today, one delicious unexpected orgasm, one possible new friend and husband time has made for a happy, if not somewhat floaty me :)

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