Thousands of thoughts/to do thingys.. 


  • have to finalise hair & makeup
  • Finalise flower choices for making bouquets/boutonnaires for mens
  • Sort favour box contents (baking paper & yummies)
  • Sort men’s suit thingys
  • Something to go in the groomsmens flasks
  • Organise feeding everyone who is staying (life would be easier if people didn’t need to eat) 
  • Alcohol for mens
  • Food packages for guests staying in the lodge thingys
  • Planning what to do with my mum for when she’s here (other than being on wedding overload)
  • Not kill my MoH for ignoring me when I asked her *not* to get me drunk on my not-a-hens night night
  • Try to not snap at everyone cos everything is frustrating me at moment (hormones :( ) 
  • Trying to manage money so we can do everything and still be able to buy finishing touches for the wedding 
  • 13 days is NOT a long time for a hormonal woman to organise her head without having a stress induced meltdown that involves me hiding from everyone 

I just want everything to be perfect for him and that’s making me stress more than anything.. 

2 thoughts on “Thousands of thoughts/to do thingys.. 

  1. Please remember, the ONLY thing that truly matters is that the two of you show up and are committing to each other. Everything else can go wrong, and your love will still make it a perfect day. Enjoy your day. Take moments to focus and take a strong mental pictures throughout the day. It will be over in a blink, and you will cherish those snapshots in your mind. Good luck and wishing you only great happiness. 👰💎💞

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    • I will just hormonal and prone to panic at the moment!!! :) will be an amazing day just getting organised now so minimal stressing later :D thank you for nice words :) xx


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