Hello followerses :)

  • I am 26

  • I am femalleeeeeeee although I would love to have my stupid ovaries removed- I currently have horrid cramps and everyone should DIE 
I do not want to ever be a mother. The through makes me nauseous

  • I identify as bisexual

  • I believe in polymory

  • I love the dynamic, the emotions, the shared love and joy that is in the relationship structure and even after everything we have been through that we are capable of such beautiful love

  • I only found out about the concept about 3 years ago but it just makes sense
  • Its a massive shame that it went the way it did as I currently struggle to see myself as attractive- or let myself look at others or interact with others on a potential-partner level.. 

  • So I wait, and let things happen
I love bruises
I love being bitten, something quite primal about it

  • I want to be pushed, to have my tolerances for pain increased, I want to be strong enough to take his anger, his passion and rage and for him to not hold back, to be free in his sadism against my body

  • I want my man to play with others and I think I’ve been subconsciously pushing him to see others more lately as I am still stuck in the way that one person cant be enough and I don’t ever want him to feel like he’s missing out on something because of me

  • I am submissive, I switch at times and have lately been considering being a babygirl or little as I feel the need to try something new, but even typing it feels strange
I have stopped masterbating. Just no desire or want to, but think that’s stress related.
I am head over heels in love with my fiancé

  • I will not ever post selfies or identifying photos
  • I miss a woman’s body but am petrified of letting someone get that close again, when we play with women my brain shuts down
  • I have my wedding dress, it is beautiful
  • It’s time for coffee :D

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