On everything and planning for the future makes for a happy Kiwifruit :) 

Moments that stand out in my mind:

– the day you told me you loved me

– the first time you gave me an orgasm

– Fucking you in the lounge 

-early morning coffee and cuddles 

– being bent over the balcony with your cock in my ass

– those uncountable nights of coffee runs, sushi and drives

– you being there at the airport before I flew

– meeting you at the airport when you landed

– late nights talking

– cuddles in the morning, being pulled into your arms while I’m still half asleep

– exploring and adventuring 

– blowing you then putting your engagement ring on top of your cock while asking ‘the question’

– planning adventures with the kids

– all the chats and leaning about work

– your unimaginable depth of patience

– your charm, intelligence and charisma

– the way you love me even when I’m cranky/hormonal/a emotional mess

– the time we had a couple at a gangbang

– the smile on your face and shade of stormy blue your eyes turn when watching me get fucked

-the way you bite me and leave bruises

– being tipped over the sofa and eaten out 

– blowing you in the kitchen while we made coffee

– kisses… Oh all the kisses 

Other nice things I’m thinking about…

– how happy we are around the kids

– the way you notice the small things

– the way you subtley support and nurture me into being the best me I can be, without crushing or demeaning who I am

– the sheer amount of comfort, love and support I feel when I’m around you

– the way you accept that I trust you

– the way how after 2 (3yrs in Oct) it still feels like I’ve known you forever and not long at all

– just how happy and content I am, yes I could be skinnier, yes I could dress differently, do more of the makeup/hair stuff but you love me even in jeans and a t-shirt looking fluffy

– that I think I will always be perpetually amazed that I still feel the same about you as I did way back when and that I’m still loving you, still in love with you

Just a few things flitting through my mind this evening :) 

P.s if you hadn’t noticed, I like lists :) 

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