Most Public Blowie Ever, Maybe

I miss these! The sneaky ones :)

Lust Hurts: Kind of a Diary

So I was making out with a guy, in the city, in a small park, on a seat, in the middle of the day, and there were a lot of buildings with a lot of windows overlooking us, like dozens at least, although there was also a tree next to us and over us, so maybe the people behind the windows couldn’t see.

I’m not sure, but I was hoping not. And I was really hoping not afterwards.

So we were both into each other, quite desperately so, and we shouldn’t really have ever started here because it was pretty much obviously going to end up where it did. Which was, he fingered me, discreetly, and got me off, discreetly, and then I started giving him a handjob.

And he couldn’t quite get there.

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