Morning.. :)

Well it’s been a week of ups and downs.. Work has been bugging me and I’ve been getting frustrated and reading a lot of technical blogs/educational spaces for AD, server fundamentals and other fun bits and pieces.. Has managed to stop my head completely exploding with boredom..

My failing this week would be: being a cranky little bratty slut. Part of it I can’t help- I’m so preoccupied with trying to make the right choices and coordinate everything with the bridesmaids and church stuff (wedding is in May) its caused a drop in enjoyment of everything. Preoccupied with trying to not kill every recruiter who won’t employ my parter, preoccupied with doing a good job at work, not to mention trying to balance work/home.

Possible depression/stress/meh combination? Not sure but it takes a lot for me to lose the desire to have sex- like a lot a lot or eat food (it just isn’t appealing right now)!

Thank god I have my fiancĂ© who understands even though I’m sure he doesn’t quite get it, that sometimes I need more TLC than normal, more support and to hear and be shown that I am loved and to stop getting stuck on the small things.

In all fairness, if he can survive me 1. With PMS and 2. During the last week and still roll over this morning and squish me with cuddles he’s definitely the one I want forever.

It’s incredible the patience he has, especially when I’m pushing everything back, he knows to be sneaky and hug me.

I love him and am still in love with him, that won’t change I know that, it’s just all the life-crap that bugs me.

Brain needs more coffee I think none of the above makes sense

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