Living With A Bisexual Woman


So what’s it like?  In a lot of ways, it’s no different than living with a woman who’s straight; you have your day-to-day interactions and life tends to just go on as usual… but a lot of this depends on where her head is where her sexuality is concerned and how integrated it is.

I use the word “integrated” because as a bisexual man, I learned that I can’t treat my sexuality as two different things – it’s just a part of the whole – and it’s easier for any bisexual to treat their sexuality as if it’s no different from anything else that they do.  Still, women deal with these things differently from men and in the years that I lived with bisexual women, yeah, you really get to see just how different bisexual women are from men when it comes to sex and intimacy.

And, yes, it does…

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