Fifty shades of whatever.. Rant ;)

Really.. Go on and explain how one is better or worse than the other.
You can watch the old then the new (no, haven’t yet but from what I’ve been reading its about the same just a bit more “glamorised”)
Neither woman in either film is given a choice. Neither woman knows what they’re in for *really* and somehow both end up with their Mr. Grey. Happy and joyful and awesomeness all rolled into half of Tumblr’s imagination of how their BDSM relationship should be. Like really?
I doubt somewhere in the film does Anastasia have a period or cramp or gags and we see vomit all over Mr. I’m so rich and awesome Grey.
But as with everything, what is one persons kink isn’t another.
So while we’re all supposed to hate the film, there is no difference in comparison to real world. BOTH ARE FILMS ffs. Like seriously all its done is highlight how closed the kink scene is. Rather than embracing the fact that instead of being shunned and ridicule for our sexual preferences and the awesome things that can be done with and to another person, people are CURIOUS! That’s right! CURIOUS! :) and it’s awesome!
And the hate the film gets on Fetlife is incredible. It’s a film. A glamourised super shiny eroticised film. Same thing has been done with vampires.. Lost boys vs. Twilight.. Getting my drift anyone?
No-one is saying their way is right, no-one is generalising on the entire BDSM/kink community saying we all LOVE consensual non-consent but I think it’s near enough to for some reason, upset people.

Think that’s me for now.. Off to ponder how many comments are going to be upset or disagree, but then again that’s the point.. To make you think :)

Love you WP, Kiwifruit x

One thought on “Fifty shades of whatever.. Rant ;)

  1. Loved this! I did my own version of a 50 rant also…mine was more about the marketing ploy behind the movie.
    But I am with you here…if people’s inherent curiosity about the lifestyle leads them to this movie and eventually leads them to a happier place in their relationship…I, too, am all for it!

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