Because I’m apparently incapable of making a decision..

Dress I have found is similar to this one but different (obviously) so do we like the shape? (And it’ll be cream colour too)

I am paranoid about looking
1. Fatter than normal
2. Like a meringue

Opinions/wedding links/ appreciated!


4 thoughts on “OPINIONS REQUIRED!

  1. I like this style. Exactly where the flowing part starts makes a huge difference to the human eye: slightly higher than this and it looks wrong as it hides the body shape, slightly lower than this and it moves from elegant to alluring. Depending on the length of your abdomen the slighly lower starting point (say the point just at the bottom of a tramp stamp locatin) could make the difference in how the initial brain assessment stacks up. This ‘elegant’ arrangement hints at hips but does not show them. Slightly lower give s much stronger hint… of course, how much hint you want is up to you

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  2. Its pretty but it does look like it could add on some extra width. It looks fine on the model because her shoulders are boney. But try it on and see!

    I don’t get the meringue vibe, its puffy but not *that* puffy.

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    • Yeah that was my thought too so am going to visit and try on things hopefully this weekend! The one I have in my mind is like this but sort of smoother? It’s hard to describe and can’t put photo up as the other one reads this blog *hmmmmmmm…… Thanks :) I do appreciate honest comments

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