Does wonder

Sometimes, I wonder if I would make a good little as our dynamic feels like it leans that way when I get hormonal- I am bratty and childish and need extra attention and care and i snap when I am cranky and get sad over silly things, cry at TV adverts (and before you ask yes he knows I’m like this and yes, he still said yes)

Not to knock littles or anything but i just don’t think I can do the whole little thing. (You know what I mean).
I’m too stubborn on top of all of the above I guess to embrace that side of things.. ) But every now and again my inner child loves to be indulged and made to feel like a princess :)

Good thing I found my prince who indulges me and loves me in all variations of my self :)

Re-read all of the above and none of it makes sense *oh well*

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