New Years Day 2015

Has been the best EVER.. Extra special fun (which worked unlike previous attempts) as belowwwww AND we went fishing and got fish! Yay! :D

But back to the playing…

Now you should know my Sir and fiancé has huge man hands- literally face sized (which leave awesome red marks and know how to pinch me jusssstttt right) so understandably fisting me is somewhat unlikely to ever be a possibility (vagina says no)…

Continuing….so it was a surprise this morning when he pulled my knickers off, lubed up our double ender and started fucking me with it, making a giant puddle on the bed (I squirt, so when I say giant puddle, I mean GIANT) and then proceeded to try to fist me..

Oddly enough and to great amusement, he got his hand in around the same time the sensation was so intense I needed to cum. I did and then it hurt. Lots. Crying everywhere.

Fiancé being fiancé, then bent me knees to shoulders and fucked me while my vagina protested greatly and the tears continued to stream.

Incredible feeling being that full, like actually one of the most intense feelings ever, only problem is now my pussy has shrunk to pre-sex size and so am currently feeling rather virginal.

Hello 2015, I like you more and more already :D

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