Wild Flower Collar and Cuffs

So so pretty.. I love the bracelets :)

My Secret Heart Submissive Jewelry

Wildflower Collar 4 - with lockWildflower Cuffs - with locks 2Wildflower Cuffs - with snap clasp 1 closeup


Artisan submissive locking cuffs and collar are hand crafted in a floral pattern of sterling silver. A patina is add to bring out the depth of the design. These high-quality cuffs and collar are made to last and will be a beautiful addition to your private collection. Imagine these as a beautiful commitment/ wedding gift for those in the D/s relationships.

Wear with or without locks, or use sterling snap clasps for daytime wear.

Available in the ETSY shop: MySecretHeartJewelry

MY SECRET HEART JEWELRY is a line of fine quality, hand crafted artisan jewelry created with luscious precious metals and quality gemstones. Finally, a unique and beautiful jewelry collection that  makes a quiet statement of your D/s or BDSM lifestyle.

A submissive will be reminded of their Dominant’s loving care as they wear the Dom’s/Domme’s collar or cuff during the day, and they will look and feel stunning when wearing it…

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