Are normally a good day, day before Friday and all that jazz but currently it feels like a Tuesday.

To top everything else off, slightly spiral of doom-ish I guess, my period will not go away fast enough.. I am frustrated and want to rape everything and have like 4 trillion orgasms but no, vagina says no and anal is not going to do the job the way I want it done either (before anyone suggests)

Possibly play might help but I doubt it and I hate asking for play (or sex for that matter) as it feels like I’m forcing my other half to play because I want to not because his dominant side says “Oi bitch, cooperate” or something equally sexy.. Sigh.

On plus side of whatever side there is, 15 days no smokes (or 16?) and all I want other than the above (obviously) is to sit with a coffee, a book and a cigarette in a comfy place and slob.

Anyway.. Off to work to do my thing..

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