Sad Kiwifruit is sad

-Wishes she didn’t feel so ordinary and boring.
-Wishes she knew how to do all the “proper” fiancé stuff as she’s quite simply very very confused (and oh dear lord Google does NOT help)
-Would like to know where her kinky side went as it’s quite simply buggered off & left her all empty and vanilla feeling

And no not quite spiral of doom but just sad…

Fuck I want a smoke :(

10 thoughts on “Sad Kiwifruit is sad

  1. There’s ‘proper’ fiancée stuff? Yeah, nah, stay away from google, sometimes it can trigger the spiral of doom something fierce!
    Maybe your kinky side is just having some time out and normal service will resume when you’re not so stressed out? I dunno.

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      • I’m all about the hugs! (great, now that stupid song is stuck in my head).

        I need to write but my characters are all staring at me shaking their heads, going, “Yeah, whatever.” I probably should post on my blog too but I don’t feel interesting today and I haven’t got any smut ready to post and blah. Apparently I should decide if my blog should be about smut/writing or crochet, cos I can’t do both. Well screw that, I say! It’s MY blog. /rant

        Yay for holidays! We have all 4 kids from Wednesday this week until 2nd January. They will want to go OUT and do THINGS. All the time! Kill me now?

        Anyway, trust me to turn this reply to your reply into something all about me. *sigh*
        I think I need a Snickers or something…


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