-Pre-occupied with Christmas
-Waiting for bridesmaid dresses to arrive
-Still not as kinky as I’d like- and I am for whatever stupid (really stupid mysteriously mysterious) reason (working on what exactly..) struggling with the concept of fucking other people or letting other people near me
-not sure if it’s still as important as it was, which possibly makes the above point actually pointless but still mysterious
-worried, because while she (yes I is a she at the moment, helps my brain process) has been told she’s the person who had possibly broken the “one person isn’t enough for one person” theory, it’s such a huge concept to process its making me worry (which makes noooo sense either) because you can’t say something like that.
– no, no you can’t.
– It’s flattering yes but what will happen in 10-15years?? Will you still think that or will it be a switch flicked and then we’ll have a whole new time of relearning how to function as polyamorous couple??
-I don’t handle uncertainty well you know this…Even though we both accept things will change (would be silly not to), it feels so surreal that after everything we enjoy, enjoyed and have/will enjoy again to say something that normal almost implies we are now to be normal and now will be normal forever more.
-which may or may not be ok, am thinking about it

A large jumble of mystery and thoughts I think.. But now time for some more photo spam :)

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