Funny how..

The big things don’t phase me; being married to my best friend, thinking about me and you 20 years in the future, having the kids live with us,

It’s the little silly things that bug me..
Like not being able to get mildew off of the ceiling
running out of sugar
Worrying about my family visiting
Worrying I’m not good enough
Hating old photos that are simply old memories but hating them none-the-less
Disliking my hands at the moment
Worrying about our sex life
Being boring

Life is weird and I think my brain is broken *sigh* can I go home yet??

5 thoughts on “Funny how..

  1. It’s ok to worry about the little things sometimes. I’d worry about the mildew on the ceiling too. ;-)
    Why are you worried about your sex life?
    Life IS weird and your brain is playing tricks on you. I don’t know you very well but I’m pretty sure you would NEVER be boring. ^_^


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