Apparently I’m a Bad Girl Blogger (hehe)

Omg like what? I’m randomly flattered and also a bit concerned my little space has turned into a wordpressy-award but yay thank you! *bows and flashes arse*

So 3-5.. Hard to do, as I love the blogs I follow for various reasons; but I do appreciate I need to pick (SIGH)
Being big in believing in polyamory, and the fact that no one thing can make you completely happy if I could award it to everyone I would..

Daddy’s Babygirl -Babygirl’s Corner- she is just so cute and I love her good morning posts- it may not be much (from the outsiders view) but it is awesome to see she maintains that every day for her Sir

I’m Not Anastasia And no, she really isn’t. A beautiful blogger and I love her writing- I have been under a couple of names on wordpress and still always manage to find this lovely lady and her beautifully kinky mind each time

I’m A Kinky Bitch –

And honestly, so many others.. Rose Pelt, Miss Amy, to name a few before my app has died a slow and painful death, but know I love the variety and porn that flits through my Reader <3



Stay kinky my loves!

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