Fetlife: a rant of sorts

That interesting little place we all know and love.. Fetlife.

Aka, kinky facebook
Aka, stalker central

My fiancée raised an interesting point this morning as to he didn’t know why he still had a Fetlife account and for the love of me I couldn’t think of a response.

Feels like that because it was originally created as a way to share with someones, anyone’s that we were together without fb spamming the world. (Long long story)

But now, having been to a couple of poly meets and one munch (no, it wasn’t how we thought it would be) it seems to only be good for kink related porn and perving, all of which we can find online anyway.

I guess it’s because we’re not active (as it were) that means half the things we ‘love’ or look at are just that, things to look at. There’s no, oo i did that or can we try.

I still don’t think I have an answer for him as to why our respective profiles are still there; I mean I like that its there, like looking at things but that’s about it..

– stupid number of idiots messaging me
– stupider people asking me out
– idiots with no respect doing all of the above
– you can message people until you’re blue in the face but for me its turned into a sort of semi retarded kinky dating site and *no* I don’t want to fuck you

– porn pics
– bruise pics
– perving

Think it may be time to delete the fucker..


4 thoughts on “Fetlife: a rant of sorts

  1. I’m new to the FL world but I tend to look at it like facebooks kinky sibling. I don’t know, I tend to prefer kinky pics in my news feed to photos of meals or selfies of people on tropical islands that I get on fb.

    Why do we have any social media? To stay in touch with friends, gain new friends and waste time instead of actually being productive in the day :P


    • True. Hence my current conundrum.. Thing is we hardly use it to talk to people, its not inspiring our sex life and its just sort of there.. Think will probably end up deactivating it for a bit and see how it goes- reckon we may fare better with others having a couples profile..
      Thanks for reading also and for commenting; really wasn’t expecting to have anyone actually comment! :) x

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      • Hehe no problems :) Yeah a joint profile would probably deter a lot of those types that do mass msgs and adds, not a bad plan!

        I attract the type that use it for a dating site too but I’ve spent my time chatting with people not actively looking and seem to have had better interactions with genuine people that way :) If I was looking, I’d respond to the personal ads not just harass everyone I come across! Oh well, I’ll try to take it as a compliment :P


  2. Mm I feel like Fetlife, at least the way it’s used in my area, is a sort of necessary evil. I guess it helps to bring out hidden communities like mine, and I like to think I’ve helped a few people who were curious about the lifestyle. I’m not as active on Fetlife right now simply because I’m feeling out a relationship with someone else, but I do reply to things if they’re asking for a place to start as a sub or a Dom. So, as a place for finding new things to do ehhhh I could take it or leave it. If you’re new its a good place to start I think. :)


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