Date night..

So after a while and the last date which was different to say the least; I have a date tonight..

His name is S. S is a random I met while perusing the fun that is online dating. Told him within the first half hour how things are and he’s just the same, (well a little less bdsm-y) but kinky none-the-less.

Oddly he has managed to intrigue me and keeps my attention even if 5 massive texts in as many minutes are a bit much, its in a sort of stop-texting-you-enthusiastic-person kind of nice, and remembering to find a balance in the evenings with messages and home life has been a challenge- I get completely wrapped up in whoever I’m talking to and I end up blanking out all peripherals (bad me) :( but am getting better..

I am looking forward to meeting him and even if nothing comes from it, having a kinky chatty friend. Or a good hard fuck. We will see!

On a different note nothing quite like being teased in the shower and then fucked into a puddle on our bed.. My pussy is still dripping cum (although I could have sworn I got it all earlier) and my knees and ass still tingling..

Happy me! Happy hump day everyone :D

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