7 thoughts on “I want opinions…

  1. I wrote about my experience here http://turninglamebosintorainbows.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/officially-sugared/

    Go for it if you’re interested, but if you don’t have a genuine connection, don’t pretend you do just for the money. Keep looking for someone you truly care for :) They really are very genuine, honourable and caring gentlemen, its awful hearing about girls who keep asking for money but don’t actually give anything back for it. A good conversation and some sex with an experienced man is actually great, but getting money and gifts? Well that’s a bonus!

    It took me (well it still is taking me) a bit of getting used to, but I’ve now received a total of $900 for no reason other than he cares for me and doesn’t like to see me struggle financially.

    Follow some sugar daddy and sugar baby blogs if you want more of a day to day insight. Here’s a couple of sugar blogs I follow:

    Hope that helped! :)


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