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Misadventures of a Bear cub

I want his handprints on my arse.
I want cuddles on the sofa and quiet nights in.
I want to wait, naked and kneeling, obediently waiting for him to return.
I want to wear his collar.
I want to earn his collar.
I want silly jokes and little gifts that mean nothing to anybody else but us.
I want him to know every inch of my body.
I want to sleep at the foot of his bed.
I want to sleep wrapped in his arms.
I want his hand in mine when I’m afraid.
I want his hand firm around my neck.
I want him to make me feel beautiful as he slides into me.
I want to be woken by his hard cock pushing into my mouth.
I want him to look at me and feel proud of me and how well I serve him.
I want to be…

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