Tuesday playtime

Organised by me! Well done me ;) with a old friend of my mans who was going through some rubbish with her last toy..

She had expressed how she’d like to play with both of us to me, which at the time was a bit odd (she is straight) but I knew my partner had enjoyed her previously by himself so it was a shock to hear her say that..

Been pondering it (as I like variety of willing pussy for him to pick from, not just being confined to one or two) for quite a while but something she said last week when I went visiting made me make a decision and ask her round. Not so much a sexual decision more one of I wanted her to know we care and for her to be the centre of our attention and get lots of TLC ;)

Started by carrying her from the lounge and dumping her rather unceremonially onto our bed- she started stripping but I told her off and undressed her myself. Then when she was into her undies, I sort of shuffled her further up the bed and proceeded to kiss her body, holy fuck she was so responsive it was incredible.

By this time, my partner had come in and removed my knickers while I nibbled on our friend, he laid on the bed next to us with a massive hard on (oh yum!) he does enjoy watching.. We played for a bit; she was fascinated by my pussy and enjoyed (from the cheeky grin on her face) touching me. We both turned our attention onto my partner and nibbled on his cock together which was ra-ther nice :) then I pulled her up and onto him, looking at him fuck her while watching me kiss her neck made me very happy- that connection between us just tells me all is right with the world right in that moment.

It’s in moments like those that I know I don’t want to be anywhere else and he knows it too <3

Was rather nice, considering the other woman hadn't played with a girl before and was older than me it was cute seeing her cum with my hands on her, even better was watching my man fuck her while I bit her neck and back..

Then to be pounded into the bed by his rock hard cock as her pussy said no (too tight) and she had to stop as it was uncomfortable for her..

She text me after saying how nice it was *aww* and I fell asleep wrapped up with my man; feeling loved and with my mans hand on my leg

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