Thursdays- updatedddddd

Are always a speedy day, which is just what I need right now- this week needs to END alreadyyyyy..

One more sleep, one more shift and I’m finished my current job.

Almost well timed is our 2nd gangbang in Wellington on Friday night- I’m not feeling the love at the moment for it.. I’m more worried my period is going to start than about the fun gangbangs normally bring.

List of attendees is growing according to my man and looking to be busy so hopefully lots of people to talk to and fingers crossed more than just me playing this time.. I don’t mind but I do prefer it when I have the option of not playing, (before it gets to the point where I just want to lie there and hope the next guy finishes already!!)

Some of the more endowed people coming from last time as well as some couples which is always nice as well as someone who was talking to me on fetlife a while ago (and somehow randomly managed to find the event on a different site). Have told him he needs to behave so hopefully he does otherwise my tolerance for others (everyone probably- am due my awesome period Saturday) will disappear very very quickly. Sir is aware and plans on making it very clear that I am his (as there seemed to be some confusion last time with other attendees too) so fingers crossed all goes smoothly!

Meh, the city is beautiful today and just slouching around waiting to head to work so I can sit and bag&tag the day then go home for hugs and coffee.. Honestly it’s pretty much the only thought that keeps me sane during the day.. So impatient to leave this job it’s unreal how frustrated I get with it.

Sigh.. Off to work I go..

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