4 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Hello Kiwifruit,
    What have you given your Dominant for his birthday in the past? My Sir’s birthday is coming up and i have some idea what to get Him. If you couls reply i would appreciate it.


    • Hey petal,
      Thanks for your nice comment..
      Previously I have got him ‘normal’ things- shirt, books, man smellies.. Due to numerous reasons (power bill mainly) physical presents have been delayed for a bit so it’s birthday blowjob day :)
      I’d get your Sir something personal (they always appreciate thought going into presents) and depending on your dynamic, someone for him to play with also, or promises of lots of naughty things- make him feel above and beyond your Owner- after all, he is still a man and needs extra TLC on his birthday! Hope this helps! :) x


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