There’s A Limit To Your Love

Surprising how much what you write is resonating with me.. I need lessons!! :)



I’ve learned a very valuable thing in terms of exploration where poly and non-monogamy is concerned and that is to know one’s own limits.

Sounds so simplistic yet at the same time this very thing is often overlooked.

It’s very rare in life we will have a partner or series of partners who will have the same outlook where matters of the heart are concerned. I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching lately and it’s not an easy thing to deal with at all. There are no guidelines, no ‘rules’ other than working out what hurts, how it hurts and why it hurts.

Getting to the root of the hurt is a massive help as it allows not only the person to identify what hurts them but gives something solid to be able to communicate to a partner. Just feeling hurt and not knowing exactly what it is…

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