I have to admit I do love it when you tell me what to do

You’re going to get out of bed and pass me the cane from my dresser then sit on me

I rode him slowly as ordered while he caned my ass, the feeling was incredible, like a deep twingey ache across flogger bruises and other sharper, cleaner feelings breaking into it as well before he bent me back against his stomach intensifying the feeling

Which then progressed to being held down on hands and knees, trapped between his thighs, face smushed into the pillows while I was caned again before my legs spread and then had his hard cock slamming into my *very* wet pussy and then into my ass.. I definitely needed that orgasm..

All the time feeling the welts with every thrust, feeling tighter than normal and even more sensitive in my ass which felt incredibly stretched by my partners cock

Cum and a smoke later I’m instructed to lie on my back, increasing the sensitivity in my pussy and asked how it felt :)

We fell asleep pretty fast (I was allowed to lie on my side- yay!) and I woke up this morning with my gorgeous man crouched next to me who then pulled my head in for a good morning blow job, after which he admired his handiwork which is looking rather pretty and will function as a more obvious reminder while I can still feel it; as to who owns me, my body and my very very wet pussy

Kisses and ‘I love you’ before he left for work and I went to make tea (the new way of tea making I was shown last night oddly makes tea drinkable-weird right?)

Smoke and half a cup of tea in me, I’m now incredibly wet and in need of a play before I shower for work

Have a funny feeling I’m going to be wet all day..

x K

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