The Awakening

This. Is. Just. It



It’s been almost a year since I contributed to this blog, and so much has happened.

In a nutshell, A and I temporarily separated due to issues arising from her connection she had with a person. Certain boundaries were ignored, we had a lot of arguments, we both did some really hurtful things to one another, we saw a couples counsellor and we tried again.

We managed to pull through and we’re now engaged and both of us are now living and experiencing more of an active poly lifestyle.

I don’t wish to dwell (nor speak too much about what happened) but it really opened my eyes as to how things can escalate and how important it is to stick to relationship boundaries, especially if you or a partner experiencing the full throngs of NRE (New Relationship Energy) with another person. In some respects we both behaved badly and we…

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