Thursday date night..

Went sort of OK (says first draft) actually it was a mess..

Funny how the way people come across is not necessarily the way they fuck

Incredible how someone so charismatic (and I thought cute) could end up being one of the strangest and boring in bed..

Went back to his after the pub- his idea, (yes, in a vanilla capacity sex on first date is frowned upon but I was looking for a new toy so my rules are somewhat different)

Sat on the sofa and then suddenly find I’m getting my face eaten and dry humped on the couch. Hmm. Turns out my date/play thing is a boob man and then ate them for half an hour (by which time I’m so over pretending to enjoy it that the fake moans started) *sigh*

I blew him hoping it would distract him but soon as I started he made no noise. How, gents, do you have someone swallow your cock and then some and make no noise about it?!

Insisted we have no sex at all until we were in the bedroom, in bed sheets pulled up to our necks.

Then it continued downhill rapidly..

Somehow C thought squashing me and not letting me move during sex is a good thing?! And yes, there is more than one position to fuck in. Missionary is NOT the be all and end all of sex, (and if you happen to have a interesting bend in your cock you should know that it may not actually be hitting any spots in that position)

After he pretended to fall asleep, so I got up, dressed and left.

Things I have found I definitely do not like:

– making me get into bed first, sheets pulled up to my chin in any way shape or form a sexy moment.
-closing your eyes (I like being watched, specially when your cock is down my throat)
– licking the inside of my ears – like really? He was doing so well with my neck (always a nice spot) then went for the ears. *shiver* ewww
– making NO SOUND except when he came and even then it was like a buzzing noise (weird I know)
And lastly,

Rant over.

I came home after, sort of half asleep when my partner got home, we had a smoke and a chat about the evening then he went for a shower by which time I’d almost fallen asleep

Wasn’t expecting to have the sheets pulled off of me and a mouth happily nibbling my pussy.. *mm delicioussss* nor the harder than normal cock thrusting into me.. Fell asleep almost instantly after

Feels like should say something like ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ but rephrasing to ‘absence makes the cock get seriously harder’.. Even that sounds cheesy though..

Oh well, roll on the weekend..

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