Our first in a while and it was good.. *verryyy good*

Reasons why We like gangbangs
-it’s just about sex
-LOTS of sex
-you aren’t obligated to talk to people, (although we do like the social side) it is easier to just fuck and be fucked
-swingers nights are great, but sometimes you just need cock and pussy everywhere; all at the same time
-everyone is there for the same thing, if something isn’t to your liking, there’s normally 4-15 other options

Sooo.. Friday..

I checked into the apartment first as the conference had ended before the other one finished work, stripped did my hair and showered :)

Then we went out for dinner, always nice.. Food could have been better but we were both too excited to care I think.. I know I just demolished what was put in front of me!

When we got back to the apartment, my phone started to go beepy-crazy with SMS of people confirming or saying they were outside..

It was awkward for me at first, hard to get going as it was, the last one I went to in Aus the guys couldn’t keep their hands off me and it was weird seeing them just standing there like lemmings at first, and I was a different person back then. It was a fast learning curve to apply what I have previously enjoyed to the new more relaxed me, being in New Zealand..

After a bit of encouragement from my partner, I went and started blowing one of the guys who was sat in the lounge.. As with all things, once you get one guys cock in your mouth suddenly there are a whole pile of hard men wanting to play..

I blew the first guy in the lounge, then moved into the bedroom to be fucked. Once he was finished there was just cock after cock in my mouth and my pussy, my hands trying to hold onto more but failing miserably given the size of what was inside me it was hard to concentrate!

One of the guys arrived a bit later than the others, immediately came in, saw me, stripped and then pushed me back onto the bed, he then ate me out until I was a huge twitchy mess at which point he moved and shoved his cock down my throat. I came, hard. Made a bit of mess (I squirt) and then he hopped in and proceed to fuck me; stopping before he came *sigh- this is my favourite part, feeling a hard cock twitch and get very very warm inside me* I grabbed him and pushed him onto his back, then as I went to put another condom on him with my mouth (he’d literally just pulled the last one off) I got my lips over the head and lifted off to roll the rest down with my hand, he came. He was good about it and laughed saying he *had said* he was going to cum.

And OMG the size of some of the guys was incredible.. First one in my pussy clamped down and all I heard from him was ‘OMG so tight’ (which doesn’t normally happen until it’s been abused a bit) then there were the ones that made me flinch but towards the end a lovely man came to play and he was biggggg- big to the point the other guys went and got my partner and said he needed to take a photo it was so huge.

Mr.Big (I shall call him) fucked me from multiple angles, all of which added up to basically my insides being relocated- the head of his cock was huge and the length incredible.. He held on tight and pounded away, I started to push back and fuck him but he insisted on stopping because he was going to cum. But ah-ha by this time I wanted him to cum, either inside me or all over me. I picked the all over me option and laid down under him, blowing him determined to get him all in my mouth.. swallowing what I thought was not all of him (turns out it was pretty much all of him), then while he was standing, I pulled the condom off and rubbed him hard untill he exploded on my boobs :) =insert partner with camera= he normally misses out cum being on me as I’m normally quite fast getting it off (otherwise it blobs onto everything in a 4m radius, and I don’t mind body fluids- sperm is awesome for your skin and gives me nice soft boobies ;D )

Parts of the evening were blurry, just cock after cock, hands everywhere, mouths on my breasts, lube- always time for lube..

Looking up at my partner while someone pounded me, my legs almost touching my shoulders, his hands gently touching my face and mouth; eyes a dark stormy blue is something I will never forget

Only downside to the evening was there was only me, so no-one else for my partner to play with *sad face* the other woman who was with her husband was happy to watch and didn’t get even slightly undressed until we started to pack up and the guys realised it was over (after almost 3 hours I was getting sleepy!)

We sat and talked to this lovely couple for what must have been over an hour or so; by which point she had taken off her bra and was comfortably sitting on my partner while her husband and I looked on, all of us chatting about random stuff.

He did have a cheeky grin on his face and I know why, she was a petite woman with nice hand-sized boobs and a gorgeous mouth- while it didn’t happen that all four of us got to play, it is likely to happen and imagining the pleasure she will bring him is just delicious spine tingling-ness..

It wasn’t until later that I was told they are looking for more like minded couples and possible play partners outside of the gangbang; which is great as the husband is tall and strong and apparently has a large cock- remains to be seen, but wouldn’t surprise me.. So something for both of us- a magical find :)

And to think, I get to go to work Monday knowing what I was doing on Friday..

“How was your weekend?”
“Yup, yup, same old- yours?”

They’ll never know but I will- I can still feel how swollen and tight my pussy is from all the different sizes, shapes, hands and bends and feel the ache in my legs that you only get from large amounts of group sex.

Think I may need to go take care of myself, I can feel a deep throb around my groin that is partly leftover from Friday, partly just how turned on I am again.. :)

Love you & leave you, think I need coffee..


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