Play time for three

Thursday was relatively quiet on a whole, did general house stuff..

Then we had a toy visit for the night who is male and bi, which is awesome.

And utterly delicious, toned body with a gorgeous tattoo, cheeky smile and nice cock :)

He got in, stripped and hopped in between us in bed, his hands wandering almost instantly. I was a bit sleepy but he was very sensual in a tingly sort of way which woke me up!

Multiple blowjobs for both men later (I do love seeing how far down my throat I can get people) ridden toy for a bit while he played with my mans cock, I have condoms on both hands, fingers inside the boys as they lay next to each other with gorgeous hard ons and blissful faces- definitely made it worthwhile :)

Watching them fuck, looking at toy while I played with myself with one hand and my partner with the other was very erotic and being able to kiss his neck and hold onto his very hard, silky cock while he was in throes of intense pleasure made my night- it is hard to find bi male toys and I was enjoying the male/male interaction, could have watched all night and not have been touched and would have *still* been a very happy girl..

We let toy out (it was late and he had come, so we didn’t feel bad asking him to go) and then as our need to come had gone sky high by that point, I was rolled onto my back, legs pretzeled and was fucked hard, we didn’t last long but was incredibly hot feeling the raw power of my man deep and hard inside my (by now) very wet pussy

I do love making memories with my partner in crime, and it was a great start to a active weekend (and yup, my weekend started early) now for tomorrow.. Different sort of thing planned, fulfilling different kinks :D

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