Surprise visitors..

Are sometimes the best things that appear in my lounge..

Mondays surprised involved a small, well toned beautifully silky soft black skinned man, with a half decent cock (I prefer a bit thicker but he still hit good places!) and a wicked tongue (like you wouldn’t believe- he could have not fucked me and I would have been a *very* happy girl..

Lots and lots of foreplay, hard kisses and my attempts to swallow his cock whole (somewhat impeded by that silly little reservoir on the condom- always hits my gag) it’s always a incredible feeling knowing that a cock is half way to my stomach and that the noises of me gagging are making my partner harder, all rolls into a seriously hot erotic time.

He was rough and fucked me hard while the other one watched.. I was bent into pretzel shapes on the floor (knees to elbows) and thoroughly pounded and was a giant twitchy mess.. Ra-ther lovely. (Only downside was his attempts to put his hand in my arse without lube- not a good idea as lube is important!!) specially with new toys ;)

And did I mention his skin? Soft and smooth, so smooth in only the way black skin can be, last person I touched like that would have been a old girlfriend who had the tiniest waist and the most incredible boobs. I asked her about it and she said it was due to the amount of collagen in the darker shaded skin tones (OMG how jealous am I?) it would be incredible to know I felt that soft.. Anyway..

It is always a massive turn on knowing I’m being watched, especially with the contrast of black on white skin just adding to the erotic image I had in my head while my man sits and fulfils one of his kinks while I get off knowing he’s getting off, mm squirmy wet again *oops*

Don’t think I’ve been quite so turned on and wet in a long time at that speed, going from not feeling sexy to being borderline desperate for something inside me.

Soon as he’d finished, my man sat down and dropped his pants, his turn now. Didn’t take long at all, mainly as my mouth was wetter and hotter than normal and he was growing harder and thicker down my throat, more so than normal-being-turned-on-hard (you know what I mean) but he had just watched me get fucked by another man so understandable, and verrrryyy hot knowing that watching me does that to him.

He got up to let the guy out and then came back to where I was kneeling in front of the couch, pushing my neck and back down and shoving his (very hard, bigger than normal cock, just to add that in there) straight into my very wet, now swollen and tight pussy much to it’s protest; and then proceeded to fuck me harder than I think he ever has before, making sure when I would be sitting down at work on Tuesday, I would definitely still be feeling it.. He came, slamming into me, fingers biting into my hips and I did too, feeling my toes curl even though it hurt (out comes my other side- I love it when it hurts even though I flinch my inner slut is in heaven)

Then I made lunch for us for the next day, we had coffee and a smoke and cuddles before going to bed..

All in all, a not bad start to the week.. More fun to come Friday :) *teehee*

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