Control Me

This sums up everything perfectly.. And is also why my throat is sore today ;)

I'm a Kinky Bitch


In the time I’ve been MIA, a lot has happened. Today, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular, and that thing is being controlled during sex. Physically controlled, through choking or hair-pulling.

See, I always thought I’d hate being choked. I have asthma, so I hate it when my breathing is restricted in any way. My Sir wanted to try it, but I told him to take it really easy so I didn’t freak out. It started when we were spooning, and he’d reach up and grab my chin. I liked that a lot, because I love the feeling of being controlled. It was really the only position where he could grab me, it was weird if we did it in doggy style, so we didn’t do it very often.

However, my Sir became insistent. He really wanted to try choking me, so I agreed. We decided to…

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