Ahh lovely, it’s the weekend

And I slept like crap..

Probably because we went to a swingers club last night and didn’t get to sleep till 2am!

OMG so much fun though! Got to say it was lovely- our fav couple was there and she knows how to tweak me, her partner normally loves watching although did manage to get to persuade him to let me blow him this time which was good :)

Best part would have to have been having the f lying on top of me while I massaged her back, then holding her down while my man fucked her hard.. Watching him watching me while he does that is just pussy-tingling stuff *swoon

Otherwise, had a awesome night, both of us played and were played with- only downside being I didn’t get a actual cock in me until we got home (shame but was made up for in other ways-hehe)

Got to say, didn’t think swinging would ever work for us, but it fulfils kinks for both of us which we’ve found surprisingly hard to do otherwise in Wellington.

Ahh now off for a shower to get all nice and warm and soapy.. Love being washed down by my man- soapy hands everywhere.. *ahh lovely ;)

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