Ah lovely it’s Friday

And it’s surprisingly warm compared to this morning when it was freezing! Crazy the difference!!! Oh Wellington you never cease to amaze me..

So having escaped work; leaving the others in the office still drinking, I am on the train on my way to my boyfriend for a weekend of cuddles, coffee, random movies and pick-a-part (tyre hunting and getting mucky=awesome!)

Found out work are happy to get me a new contract which is awesome.. Weight off of my mind which is awesome- and off of my partners.. Also awesome :)

Lots of smiley faces today including mine as I get to see if there’s a face mask at the supermarket- skin is horrid and needs some love!

Otherwise a pretty standard week- but oh did you know you can now get the FC2 female condom in NZ. Fricking fantastic I think!

Otherwise, other than us both being sleepy, we’re very happy and full of future plans although it can be hard to focus on them sometimes, it’s all going to be worth it in the end..

for better, for worse

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