In love..

But why you ask? Who could be special enough to make you fall in love with them? (I ask myself this a lot)

He is incredible. Funny, caring, supportive, sexy (well I think so!!), a great cook, mischevious bastard who completes me in unique and new ways. I have found new parts of myself, along with the older parts and together, we will conquer the world! (Or so I like to think) World domination is on our to-do list, as well as travel, live, laugh and love.

Life is too short for anything else!

He’s seen me at my best and my worst, he’s brought me hot water bottles when I’m hormonal and icky. He makes coffee in the morning for me and I always get goodnight kisses and ‘I love you’ because, well, because LIFE IS TOO SHORT!


Yeah, so it’s a bit soppier than I thought that would be, but anyway…… Just happy. :D

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